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About Wander and Wrestleland – Virtual Travel Services

Wander and Wrestleland helps you to create a Wrestling trip of your lifetime by taking care of all the necessary but sometimes annoying travel planning and booking tasks to gain more time for yourself and more room for anticipation and excitement prior to your dream vacation.

Do me a little favor and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you love Wrestling?
  2. Do you love traveling?
  3. Did you always dream of attending a Wrestling show live?
  4. What you not love is taking care of all those annoying research for flights, accommodation, transport to the venues?

What can you expect from Wander and Wrestleland?

If you answered the previous question all with a “Yes,” Wander and Wrestleland is your answer. I take care of everything which is related to planning the trip of your lifetime. Tell me which Live event you would like to attend, and I take care of flights, accommodation, transport and of course the tickets.

Do you like to extend your stay? No problem, you tell me where you want to go, and I take care of the rest.

How does the Wander and Wrestleland service work?

To get to know you a bit better and to find out what your expectations are, we will have a little chat (per phone or e-mail), and you tell me your needs, wishes, and minimum standards. Afterward, I will come up with a plan, and if you like it, I will book everything for as soon as I received a deposit rate. When you made the final payment, I will send over all necessary travel documents.

About me

I am Pia, the caretaker behind Wander and Wrestleland. I am a Wrestling fan since my childhood and love to travel. Since 2014 I travel the world at least three times a year, including weekend and short city trips a lot more. As often as possible I try to attend Wrestling events all over the world. Once a year, I travel to WWE´s WrestleMania and built my dream vacation around it. In my travel diary of April 2018, you can get some impression how my vacation usually looks like. Till today I have several years experience of combining my Wrestling passion and my love for traveling.

What´s next?

If you like what you read above and are interested in the service Wander and Wrestleland has to offer, please fill out the following form. I will contact you shortly. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you could contact me at any time:

PiaBeckerVA@gmail.com and follow me on Facebook