Why I fell in love with Würzburg, Germany! For weekend getaways, travel and city lovers! #vacation #thingstodo

Why You Will Fall In Love With Würzburg, Germany

Why You Will Fall In Love With Würzburg, Germany

Do you know that feeling when you have no expectations and what comes out is the best experience ever? So happened with Würzburg and me! A small town in Bavaria, Germany that I chose as the starting point for my „Romantic Road“-road trip! That journey was on my wishlist for a long time but never really fit into my travel plans. This summer appeared to be a perfect time to do it eventually! And it was a great decision to kick off my vacation in this town! Read on and see why you will also fall in love with Würzburg!

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Why You Will Fall IN Love With Würzburg, Germany #travel #weekendgetaway #thingstodo

How To Spend 4 Perfect Days In Würzburg

It was quite a spontaneous decision to go on vacation. And all the planning I started just a week ahead of my journey. That´s why I hadn´t too much time doing some research. Especially not about Würzburg, where I wanted to stay four days.

No research means no high expectations.

Hence, I went there without knowing anything about the town. It turns out to have the best time of the entire vacation! Read on, why I love it and what to do in four perfect days in Würzburg!

Why I Fell In Love With Würzburg

My journey already started in my hometown Düsseldorf. It was a random working day, and the only difference was that I finished that day working on a train to Würzburg. I didn´t realize before that it´s only a three-hours ride from Düsseldorf to Würzburg by train. Now that I know how beautiful Würzburg is, it won´t be the last time that I´ll make that trip for a weekend or so. And I did! I recently revisited Würzburg and met up with a good friend there. It was lovely! 

Anyway, I wanted to tell you why I fell in love with Würzburg.

And here are the reasons:

Stunned By The Views When Leaving Main Station

When you leave the central station, the city welcomes you with an incredible view. It´s one of the most beautiful station squares I´ve seen. You look at a spacious square with typical trams and bus stops and the beautiful Killiansfountain. And literally on the other side of the street, the old town of Würzburg has already begun, and you get a glimpse of what you might expect in the following days. Especially on a sunshiny summer day, this view is just fantastic!

And when you walk a bit and then turn around to look at the station building, look up a little bit more. What you´ll see? Some beautiful hills that are full of wine!


You Can Walk To Everywhere In Würzburg 

The next thing I love about Würzburg is that it´s incredibly walkable. For instance, my hostel, the Babelfish Hostel*, was just across the station. A five-minute walk when you count the waiting time at the traffic lights.

But also the entire city is so walkable! Another three minutes from the hostel, which means three minutes from the station, you´re already in the old town area. It starts with a shopping street with all the major brands. And continue into the city center, the river Main, and all the other attractions you like to visit while you´re here.

On average, it´s a 20-minute walk from one must-do sight to the other. Do you know any other town where it´s that easy? (Düsseldorf, probably 😉)

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Why You Will Fall IN Love With Würzburg, Germany #travel #weekendgetaway #thingstodo

The Size Of Würzburg Is Just Right

The town has just the right size to feel at home immediately! At least, I felt like that! I left the central station, and at first sight, I felt like: „Yeah! That is the right town for me! I could stay here for a while!“ I even thought that I could live there if I ever should move again!

I had that specific feeling only with a handful of places! And I do remember that I felt like this when I moved to Düsseldorf, where I still live today!

Würzburg has a perfect size. It´s big enough to have everything you might need. But small enough that you can reach everything in an instant!

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The River Main Runs Right In The Middle Of The Town

But not only that, there is a river. For example, in Würzburg, you have the Old Mainbridge and the river embankment left and right. It´s the place to be when you want to go out, hang out, and have a glass of wine or two!

It´s the place where people meet each other, standing or sitting on the bridge and drink a glass of wine (by the way, the Würzburg area is famous for its wine and vineyards), and chat with friends or even total strangers (as I did every evening 😉)

One reason to fall in love with Würzburg, Germany. Having a glass of wine at Alte Mainbrücke and enjoy mild summer nights! #bavaria #vacation #weeekendgetaway # thingstodo

The Atmosphere Of Würzburg

„Würzburg is an ancient episcopal seat and a vibrant university town with a baroque, distinctly southern feel. It is in an idyllic setting surrounded by vineyards and is defined by its architectural splendors that reflect a range of epochs.“ – Bavaria Travel

Würzburg is an ancient episcopal seat and a vibrant university town with a baroque, distinctly southern feel surrounded by idyllic vineyards...“ Bavaria Travel #bavaria #travel #weekend Share on X

Can I add anything else to that quote?

I guess not much, as it´s to the point that I felt about this city and what I would say about it! Especially on warm summer nights, you´ll feel this very special vibrant, and outgoing atmosphere!

But be aware! I talked to someone who has been living in Würzburg for about 20 years, and he said that it might be true when you talk about the students and younger people, but not necessarily about the original local people of Würzburg. On the contrary, getting close to them might be pretty challenging.

However, I didn´t have that experience! I felt just great! Traveling alone sometimes can be lonely, but here I never was. Each day I found someone else to talk to! Especially in the evenings at „Alte Mainbrücke. “ I always found some excellent company at my hostel, too! And all this together made my Würzburg experience the best I had on the entire road trip!

What Attractions does Würzburg have to offer?

And finally, I come to the three foremost attractions of the town. All of them are a must-do when you visit Würzburg. Of course, there are more sights and more things to do. But if you´re short on time, these are the ones you have to do the minimum.

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Würzburg Residence

The Würzburg Residence is the most impressive one of those sights. It´s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the former residence of the prince bishops of Würzburg.

Constructions lasted from 1720 to 1744 and were finally completed in 1780. It´s one of the most important palaces in entire Europe. Also, its size is just impressive!

The building is a mixture of several architectural styles, like the French palaces, Viennese baroque, Northern Italy religious and secular style, and Western architecture of that time.

Also, you can enjoy some great artworks inside the Würzburg Residence, like the giant staircase with its unsupported vaulted ceiling. And the famous fresco by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

The palace offers access to about 40 rooms full of paintings, tapestry, furniture, and other 18th-century gems. Every time you enter a new room, you think it can´t get better until you go to the next one!

But don´t forget to stroll through the palace garden that alone is almost a piece of art!

One of the most popular and most impressive attraction in Würzburg. The Residence! #thingstodo #travel #germany #holidays

Marienberg Citadel

One of the best views you can have in Würzburg you´ll find at Marienberg Citadel. The fortress sits on top of Marienberg and overlooks the entire city. The shortest way to get up there takes about 20 minutes to walk from the old Mainbridge.

The longer walk is about 40 minutes and takes you through some of the beautiful vineyards of Würzburg.

However you go, the most important thing is that you go up! The view from the fortress is unbeatable! You´ll find stunning city views, the pilgrimage church „Käppele, “and the vineyard „Würzburger Stein. “

Significantly, the time around sunset, when the sun enlightens the town into golden light!

Another reason why you easily fall in love with this Bavarian city; Würzburg! The all overlooking fortress Marienberg! #Thingstodo #weekendgetaway #travel

Alte Mainbrücke (Old Mainbridge)

As I mentioned earlier, the old Mainbridge (Alte Mainbrücke) is the primary location for having a relaxed chat with friends or strangers, having a glass of wine, and enjoying the mild summer nights. With views of Marienberg Fortress, the Main itself, and its embankment. Altogether, it creates a fantastic atmosphere!

One reason to fall in love with Würzburg, Germany. Having a glass of wine at Alte Mainbrücke and enjoy mild summer nights! #bavaria #vacation #weeekendgetaway # thingstodo

It almost felt like what you have in Italy when they talk about that „Dolce Vita“ but in the Franconian way.

Anyhow, it´s indeed a must-do when you visit Würzburg!

What is unique about this bridge is that you can have a so-called „Weinschoppen. “ That means you can have a glass of wine offered by restaurants on either side of the bridge, and for a small deposit, you can take that glass of wine with you and look for a nice place, whether on the bridge itself or at the embankment or the Main promenade.

Of course, you can also bring your own glass and bottle of wine, which is also cheaper. The atmosphere will remain, and you could create some fantastic memories!

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Why You Will Fall IN Love With Würzburg, Germany #travel #weekendgetaway #thingstodo

I think these are enough reasons to fall in love with Würzburg. I promise there are a few more things to do in and around Würzburg. But this will be another post!

For now, I did show you what I love about Würzburg and why you should visit the town at least once!

Would you go and visit?

Let me know your thoughts and tell me in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Why You Will Fall In Love With Würzburg, Germany”

  1. Haven’t been to Würzburg, but it looks beautiful! I’m going to visit there I visit Germany in the future. There are so many tourist spots and views!!

    1. Hi Irene, soaking in the atmosphere on a mild summer night at the old Mainbridge while sipping at a glass of wine is worth a visit. So, definitely, plan a visit when you come to Germany 😀

    1. Hi Erika, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I´m pretty sure that you would love Würzburg. It´s so charming!

  2. Wurzburg does look like a lovely town to visit and the beautiful Bishop’s residence looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!

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