Bucket List Travel

Of course, Europe, the USA, there are already two lists but there are also destinations and things on other continents I would like to experience. It seems that every time I tick off one point I could add three more. I´m excited to see where this will end.

  • travel around the world <- ongoing
  • travel to each continent by end of 2020, including Antarctica <- so far, I made it to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia! Australasia and Antarctica will follow soon! The new goal is the end of 2022!
  • visit Islands of Tonga
  • Road trip through Alaska
  • travel through and around Ireland <- I could not get enough of it
  • Wellness vacation on Bali
  • visit Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington
  • visit Cuba
  • visit Tasmania
  • visit Croatia and its National parks
  • visit Transylvania
  • visit the Baltic countries
  • visit at least one more African country
  • visit Japan
  • traveling in a VW bully like this