It is been a long time since I left school with a couple of ideas I want to do in my life. Like travel around the world, skydiving, get a motorcycle license, get a Tattoo and much more.

Today I regret that I did not make a list and wrote them down as I can barely remember all of them. But a couple of those ideas stayed and manifested in my head till today. Other ones are gone a long time ago and are forgotten. For instance, the thought having a tattoo, like the one Pamela Anderson has on her back alongside her spine. I still love it, but today, I am happy that I have not done it. Traveling the world is still in progress and skydiving I can tick off, finally. I recently have done it. YEAH!

Well, I still have dreams and there are a lot of things I want to do before I die So I think this is the right time to start an own bucket list. To remind myself of the things and goals I like to accomplish and at this time to not forget about them.

Feel free to browse through the one or the other list and maybe you will find something inspirational. 🙂