Unleash Your Dreams Under the Blue Moon! – A Guided Group Journaling Session

🌕✨ Unleash Your Dreams Under The Blue Moon ✨🌕

A Guided Journaling Group Session On Monday, 28th August

Hey, Dreamers and Wanderers,

🌟 Have you ever felt that pull, that whisper in your heart telling you that you’re meant for something extraordinary?

Well, guess what? You ARE! 🚀

Join me for an enchanting evening of self-discovery and empowerment as we dive deep into your hidden desires and untapped dreams.

As we come together, we shall delve into our dreams and aspirations, guided by the luminous glow of this celestial wonder of the Blue Moon.✨

What will happen in this magical journaling session:

🌟 Dream Unveiling: Under the embrace of the Blue Moon, let’s uncover the dreams that have been tucked away in our hearts. What dreams are ready to be illuminated by its ethereal light?

🌠 Lunar Reflections: As the Blue Moon’s light washes over us, let’s reflect on the profound reasons behind our dreams. What calls us to reach for the stars, even when they seem distant?

🚀 Launching Dreams: Just as the moon influences tides, this Blue Moon empowers us to launch our dreams into the universe. Let’s draft plans, set intentions, and propel ourselves toward the life we envision.

Magical Connection: Align your energy with the universe during this unique Blue Moon encounter. Feel the cosmic energy infuse your dreams with limitless potential.

🔮 Synchronicity at Play: In harmony with the cosmos, we’ll tap into the mystical energy with oracle cards, drawing guidance and insights to guide our journey.

Mark your calendar for this extraordinary event, where dreams intertwine with the Blue Moon in a dance of destiny.

Let’s create a tapestry of dreams as vibrant as the moonlit night. 🌠🌙

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When: Monday, August 28th

Time: 6 p.m. (GMT +2)

Energy Exchange: 33€